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  1. DIY Wedding engagement Rings

    January 11, 2012 by jcoppock

    In a down economy, it is no surprise that people are turning to new alternatives to subdue the cost of their Central NJ wedding. After all, with all the components to a wedding the average cost is around $40,000 in New Jersey. This is why many wedding experts have projected 2012 to be yet another popular year for do-it-yourself projects (see our post for hot 2012 wedding trends.)


    According to a new article featured in the New York Times, this trend is only going to increase as 2012 progresses. People are now looking into making their own wedding ring as both a sentimental symbol of their love and a unique mark of this major lifetime milestone. Although making a wedding ring isn’t a walk in the park, some welding shops such as The Wedding Ring Experience will guide couples along their journey to make their own personalized wedding rings using gold or platinum. Some couples can bring their own precious metals and materials or the shop can purchase the raw materials needed at the current exchange rate.

    This can also make an excellent idea for a NJ engagement ring, because what woman wouldn’t want a custom piece to call her own?







  2. Wedding trends for 2012: A new year of DIY brides

    January 5, 2012 by jcoppock

    Happy New Year everyone! There are some great opportunities and great deals to be had when planning your NJ wedding for 2012, and here at Hotels Unlimited we have some exciting news to tell you about. Looking forward to the new year, we are excited to see what the latest trends for 2012 will be for weddings. Here are some popular trends for the upcoming year.


    The Dress

    According to, some really popular dress trends for 2012 include the invisible neckline that would allow for additional support for any bride. This also includes lace sleeves.

    Although some consider it taboo to not have a white dress, the wedding industry is slowly starting to break from the 200+ year Victorian tradition and is starting into blush, lavender and green accents into the dress.

    Finally the other significant change is the double skirt look. Rather than bunching and gathering, a double layered skirt can accent a bride’s curves.


    Flowers… or perhaps not?

    With the high cost of flowers, many brides are getting craftier and going the DIY route on their bouquets. This can mean using non-traditional accents such as small berries, fruit, buttons, fabric, broaches, gems, wire and more. This is also a more eco-friendly option as flowers wilt and die within hours of the wedding. However, brides that opt for an all floral bouquet can choose locally grown options for the season as it is a more cost-effective option than ordering flowers and paying for shipping.



    Vintage Themes

    Looking to save some money on the big day? Many brides are looking towards the vintage route to include being crafty and incorporating the family theme. Some brides have done this by including old marriage photos from the family, incorporating older elements into their wedding.






  3. Champagne—black tie affair only?

    December 28, 2011 by jcoppock

    Champagne, the perfect accessory to any party celebration: holidays, birthdays, New Year’s, and of course any Central NJ wedding. After all, what is a New Year’s resolution without making a wish at the bottom of a toasting glass at midnight?  Today Hotels Unlimited asks our audience: is Champagne really limited to only black tie affairs? This particular blogger (and aficionado of Champagne) thinks not. A good Champagne, ( like any other type of fine wine) is not just limited to one kind of occasion, but rather a key ingredient in some delicious recipes to be shared with good friends and family at any time.



    The Mimosa

    A classic drink of Champagne and orange juice, the mimosa serves great versatility and is also a classy twist for any Sunday brunch. For a more flavorful twist, try adding some lychee for a sweet delight.


    Champagne Sangria

    What girl doesn’t love a good chat with friends while enjoying a pitcher of Sangria? Although Sangria is traditionally made with a wine base, Champagne can add a light bubbly flair for your cocktail by simply adding your favorite fruit to your champagne. For a refreshing holiday twist, try using orange slices and some sprigs of fresh mint.


    What are some of your favorite Champagne recipes? Comment and share!


  4. What is your wedding ring style?

    December 26, 2011 by jcoppock

    “Santa baby did I forget to mention one little thing? A ring.” Although Christmas and the holiday season is a popular time to propose, there are many different styles of rings that can reflect the style of the bride. This cute article by bridal guide, gives some cute insight into cuts of diamond engagement rings.


    round engagement ring


    The look: Also known as brilliant-cut, this tried-and-true shape reflects more light than any other, and is the most popular. Avril Lavigne showed her traditional side by wearing a round diamond engagement ring.

    This choice says you’re: Trustworthy and easygoing.

    emerald engagement ring



    The look: Inspired by the Asscher, this glamorous choice is also a rectangular step-cut shape. It has fewer facets than some of the other shapes, so look for an emerald-cut that offers maximum brilliance.

    This choice says you’re: Efficient and straightforward.

    cushion engagement ring



    The look: Rectangular with curved sides, the cushion-cut first hit big in the 18th century. A recent resurgence in popularity has given it a modern-meets-vintage feel. Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner a cushion-cut rock.

    This choice says you’re: Organized and daring.

    princess engagement ring



    The look: This relatively new square shape, with a modern, understated feel, combines a sparkly, brilliant effect with a geometric step-cut. You can attribute its spectacular glitter to extra faceting around the rim.

    This choice says you’re: Decisive and fun-loving.


    The look: This century-old shape, symbolizing love and devotion, should be well proportioned for optimum sparkle. Kid Rock proposed to Pamela Anderson with a yellow heart-shaped diamond.

    This choice says you’re: Sentimental and dreamy.

    pear engagement ring



    The look: Resembling a teardrop, a pear-shaped diamond has the fire and beauty of a round shape, but with a less conventional look. This shape can also make a wide finger look slimmer.

    This choice says you’re: Even-tempered and adaptable.

    oval engagement ring



    The look: If you love the gorgeous sparkle of a round, brilliant-cut diamond but still want something unique, consider an oval. A fresh take on a timeless style, this new shape came about in the early 1960s. Actor Jerry O’Connell recently gave his betrothed fashionista, Rebecca Romijn, an oval-shaped sparkler.

    This choice says you’re: Risk-taking and creative.

    asscher engagement ring



    The look: Square with angular corners, this shape dates back to the late 1800s. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s step-cut, meaning the facets are rectangular and seem to descend into the stone.

    This choice says you’re: Feminine and meticulous.




    Diamonds by the Numbers

    73: Percentage of brides who help choose or affect the choice of engagement ring.

    4: Average number of jewelry stores those brides visit.

    $2,600: Average amount spent on an engagement ring.

    50: Percentage of diamond engagement rings that include round diamonds. The runner-up: square shapes like princess and emerald-cut. The biggest rise in popularity has been in vintage-inspired shapes like cushion and Asscher.

    Photos courtesy of Blue Nile

  5. Fruitcake: a Wedding Cake option?

    December 23, 2011 by jcoppock

    Yes folks, it is two days away from Christmas Day which is why today our topic of inspiration here is Fruitcake: the good, the bad, and the misunderstood.

    please don't judge.

    Like any other type of food or delicacy, Fruitcake has its good and bad varieties. Although sources indicate that Fruitcake has historical dates as far back as Ancient Egypt & Rome, it wasn’t until Victorian England in the 1800s that would dictate the Fruitcake that we have come to know it by today. The English had created fruitcake as early as the 1600s using dried fruit when they discovered that fruit could be preserved using sugar. Instantaneously becoming a hit in England, fruitcake began to emerge as a contender for any major celebration and holidays. So popular in fact that the Church had deemed it “sinfully rich” and made Fruitcake illegal. (literally).



    Despite its reputation, fruitcake still represents an iconic food of the holiday season and still maintains its popularity in England to this day. -Proof you ask? Well, talk to Fiona Cairns, wedding cake designer for the English Royal Wedding. Kate Middleton and Prince William had enjoyed an eight tier wedding fruitcake during their celebration in April 2011. That’s right folks. According to the Los Angeles Times,  the Royal Wedding Cake was made with 17 individual fruitcakes with 12 of those cakes serving at just the base alone.

    Kate Middleton & Prince William's wedding fruitcake


    So next time some one offers a fruitcake, at least attempt to try a piece as it could easily be the most misunderstood confection of the baking world.




  6. NJ Wedding Ballroom Showcase: Atlantis Ballroom

    December 19, 2011 by jcoppock

    Welcome to the Atlantis Ballroom of the Holiday Inn of  Toms River. This Central NJ wedding destination is an ideal location that is ten minutes to the beach but without the banquet catering prices found with venues on the water.

    This behind the scenes wedding video shows the Atlantis Ballroom features including:


    Veranda cocktail hour space

    Ice Sculptures included in our packages

    Wedding Food Displays

    The Ceremony Space

    The Dance Floor/ Reception Space/ Sweet Heart Table



    Be sure to leave us a comment. ;) Thanks for watching.

  7. Vegas Style Wedding comes to New Jersey

    December 13, 2011 by jcoppock

    According to, New Jersey legislation has passed a bill allowing for couples to marry without a three day waiting period. Legislators say that this will allow for couples vacationing in Atlantic City to experience the same kind of convenience as those who travel to Las Vegas. New Jersey is the only state in the Northeast region to offer an immediate marriage as PA, NY, DE, and MD all have a waiting period. Otherwise couples will have to travel to Connecticut and Rhode Island for a same day marriage license.


    So what does this mean for New Jersey couples? Couples looking to be married will now be paying a higher license fee at $60 instead of $28. Also, traveling couples do not need to make advanced travel plans to apply for the license. Legislators are hoping that the bill will attract more couples into the state as well as attract further revenue for towns and municipalities. Legislation has also instated a 30 day annulment period after the ceremony should anyone decide to pull a Britney Spears Vegas wedding…. hopefully this is not a frequent occurrence.


    Photo is Credited to Expressive Image Photography

    ready for the wedding.


  8. National Conference Center Holiday Party

    December 8, 2011 by jcoppock

    We invite you to take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of 2011 and celebrate with us during last night’s Mix and Mingle Holiday Jingle at the Holiday Inn of East Windsor along with the National Conference Center. We annually invite our NJ corporate events partners to celebrate with us as both a thank you and a way to warm up for the holiday season ahead.


  9. Behind the Scenes: Making a NJ wedding veggie platter

    November 30, 2011 by jcoppock

    With the continuing success of the construction of our wedding fruit sculpture video, we thought that we would continue our Central NJ wedding catering video series by including a fast-forward video construction of a vegetable platter. These beautifully hand crafted pieces are created on-site by our executive chefs and come as a standard with our elite catering packages. We promise that our food displays are just as gorgeous as they are delicious. Bon Appetit!


  10. Video Showcase of the Windsor Ballroom Holiday Inn East Windsor

    November 28, 2011 by jcoppock

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your wedding at the Windsor Ballroom in East Windsor NJ? We have an insider’s perspective of a wedding that took place at our Central NJ wedding facility. Here our catering coordinators Tara and Jason will show you everything from our cakes, catering, linens, chairs, lighting, and our award-winning staff that is there to ease your mind and fill your every wedding wish. Enjoy our Windsor Trilogy series as we take you on a journey.


    Part 1: The Wedding Ceremony at the Windsor Ballroom


    Part 2: Transitioning the Ceremony to the Reception


    Part 3: The Reception at the Windsor Ballroom